Can anyone suggest me some multibagger stock to invest for long term?


I am looking for high-quality stocks to invest which can give me multi-bagger returns.


I have come across this free research done by HDFC Securities on regular basis. The manage and maintain few stocks which are good for DIYSIP - Do It Yourself SIP.

Lot of details are mentioned on how one should go about and the most essential aspect of DIYSIP. This might be of interest to you.


From Long-Term Perspective to even very Long-Term Perspective the ideal the most recommended product is SIP in NiftyBees.

With fall in every 20% on the price double your investment. For example, if you are starting your SIP in Nifty when it is 11000 with monthly Rs. 10000. When the nifty falls to 5500 you should SIP Rs. 60000. (It’s up to the individual to change the percentage but should be followed in similar fashion.

Find the Nifty-Bees document below.


Power Sector & Infra Sector are the one which is going to give you the future Multibagger. This is with perspective of current market scenario.


The best way to find the multibagger is to find growth stocks. The stock which have lead the last bull run and not going to be the multibagger this year too.

Start looking for new stocks with manageable debt and good holistic growth rate.