Getting Best Credit Cards Offer. How?


What are the best way to increase my credit rating so banks are knocking at my door with awesome offers?


If you want to get the best of Credit card offer first you’ll have to improve your CIBIL score. Understanding how the CIBIL score calculated and what are the factors that effect to improve the rating is very important.


Based on the above-mentioned factors there are few points if followed will bring credit card offer knocking your doors.

Use Your Credit Card Max 30-40 of Credit Limit

If you start using a credit card for anything and everything and exhaust your entire credit card limits. A good financial management needs you to manage your finances aptly. This will bring a huge positive the way you manage your credit card limits and give an impression that you don’t require a credit card. Remember!, “[B]anks gives the loan to those who can prove they don’t need money”

Better Credit Limit

If the banks offer you more credit limit never say no to them. It doesn’t mean that you should spend more. Rather this shows the rating agency that the confidence the banks have on you. If you like the services of the bank you can even ask for more. Ensure that you also maintain the above points of utilizing the 30% credit limits even in the case of increased limits.

Use Your First Credit the Most

Usually, your first credit card should be your oldest credit card and this tells a lot about you. The oldest credit card denotes that you have well managed your credits and payments are made timely. This gives them all the right reasons for the CIBIL to improve your rating and hence improve your score. Longer you hold your credit card better is the history and your score.

Managing EMI

Your bigger purchases like house, property, white goods, four wheeler should be managed properly and all the equated monthly installments should be paid on time. This will give them enough confidence to issues you are better credit score.

Well Managed Current Credit Card

All your current credit card should be managed properly without any outstanding unpaid. At times there are inaccurate appeals bu the credit card companies which can be an error from the company or clerical error. All of these should be reported to the credit card company and the CIBIL website. Most lenders only thing they expect is good financial behavior and discipline. Reduce the number of credit cards you carry to reduce your spending habits. And ensure that all the outstanding payments and credit card charges are promptly paid.

Secured Credit Card

Most people are not aware of the fact that there is a possibility of a secured credit card. If your credit card rating is very bad you can easily boost up with a secured credit card. Most banks such as Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, and Kotak Mahindra Bank offer credit card on the secured amount.

Avoid Applying for Multiple Credit Card

If you are having too many credit card applications in a very short period of time then it does not look good. Especially if most of the applications are rejected during that time. It should that you are credit hungry and looking for multiple sources of urgent credit. Which is not a good impression for credit rating.