If you have to compare then which is better Momentum Investing or Momentum Trading?


What is the right way of doing momentum investing. Can one succeed in momentum investing all the time or during the bearish market the performance would be highly negative.

Would one suggest for momentum investing or momentum trading?


Why do you have to choose between Investing and Trading why not both of them at the same time.

Now the style of both of them is completely different. What works with Momentum investing doesn’t work with Momentum Trading.

The strategies are completely different so is the Risk Management, Money Management, Entry & Exit strategies, even the Capital has to be used judiciously i.e. for trading you can use 5% - 10% of your capital and use leverage where at the same time you might have to use full capital when it comes to momentum investing.

Trading will give you the advantage to earn during the flat market and also bearish market well at the same time your investing you would very well only during the bullish time.