I'm 30 years old. How do I start making passive income now?


I am looking for passive income opportunities which are viable in India.


There are endless opportunities to make passive income and age has nothing to do. More particularly it your interest and passion that matters the most. The best thing is to convert your passion into your passive income opportunities. I have seen people who turn their passion into passive income are more successful than the rest 90% who are just focused on making money.

Below is the link through which I have got few of my ideas to start passive income.


Recently I came across some images which describe and list down some of the interesting sources of passive income it might be of interest to you.

Find the image below


Source zerohacks.com


The options these days are only limited to the interest you have. And age is no bar. I have come across this website which discusses in detail with some amazing 14 Ideas to generate passive income while you are sleeping.