Is Intraday Trading really very Risky?


I would like to start with Intraday trading since the margin available is high compared to other methods of trading. My question is intraday trading very risky? What are the chances to lose the capital? What if I place only Bracket Orders only?


One of the most riskiest is Intra-day trading. There are very high chances of losing your entire capital. Intra-day trading is a science as well as an art. More of a art than science.

Most of the stock brokers lure traders and investors into intraday trading with high leverage margin. Looking at the opportunity to earn a good amount within minutes looks very lucrative. But creating consistent revenue out of it on a regular basis is a task itself.

Bracket Orders, Stop-Loss Orders, Limit orders etc are basically protecting your current transnational loss. It only protects you from losing more money. It cant be a strategy in itself. You could make many small loses to lose your entire capital. Which most likely happens because of ignorance of the fact that stop-loss doesn’t guarantee your success.