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Welcome to Wealthmojo! It gives us immense pleasure in welcoming all of you to WealthMojo. The company today has reached the heights of great success. Our company was established with a vision to serve society in the field of Finance, Stock Market, Trading and Investing. We focus more on the middle and low-income group who have limited access to such a forum. A Serious No No for marketing and sales pitches. We strictly do not entertain any such activity.
The Wealth Mojo discussion forum is the official place to discuss anything about Investing, Trading, & Personal Finance.

No one is going to Judge you with the questions you ask.

The basic goal of WealthMojo Forum is to solve everyone’s query.

Through this forum, our many diverse communities will have the opportunity to share their unique perspective and be heard, as well as to learn about one another. We will be able to instantly share important information that we can use in efforts to improve our finance and wealth.

Below we hare some useful insights on how you can properly make use of this Forum.

What is this Forum About?

The short answer is anything related to creating and maintaining Wealth. In the Real World!

That means you can come here and talk about anything related to finance, wealth, trading, investing, stock market, mutual funds, personal finance, or even insurance anything that you would like to talk and discuss about and engage your fellow readers, and start a new discussion on your own. For example

  • Anything finance related - how to make money in the stock market, why you prefer ETF over Mutual Funds or even about how to get best credit card offers.

  • Creating Wealth - you could talk about whether that certification will help you get a better job, explain or learn how are the best ways to maximise your saving and create wealth in process, discuss even side hustle to generate passive income, optimize finances, boost your productivity and earn more money.

The topics that are exactly what you want to discuss to Live a Rich Life.

Nevertheless there are certain topics we don’t entertain and you would not be allowed to write anything related to that. Such as

*** Sex, Religion, Politics, Racism, Hate** you will be warned and eventually banned.

I am sure you wouldn’t want to this, do you?

Let’s Get Started

Complete Your Profile

If you haven’t created your account yet feel free to do so, please make sure you fill all the required information on your profile. Also we request you to use your original full name here (even username), this will be the first step towards a professional forum and this will also help us know each other easily.

Pick The Right Category

I’m sure you want your question to get more proper targeted answers right? So picking a right category will help others to know that this specific question comes under this ‘category’ and they’ll understand your question better as well.

It is OK to leave category blank if none feel applicable.

Use Tags For Better Nagivation

You can also use/create tags for highlighting the keywords of your question, suppose if you are talking about “How To Invest in Mutual Funds?”, then your tags can be like “SIP”, “ETF”, “Systematic Withdrawal Plan”, etc. We already have a category for “Mutual Fund”, so we don’t need to use it as a ‘tag’.

Should I Use Other Reference Before Using WealthMojo Forum?

What are the kind of questions that I can ask here or should I first refer other sources and then come the Forum. Or in other words, if you can ask me, "Can I ask silly questions here? Like “How to open a Demant Account?” Honestly, I wouldn’t mind. I started this forum to clear your queries, even your silliest queries. Feel free to use this forum as your hub for asking as many queries as you like. Personally I’ll reply back to each question if I know the answer or I’ll make sure I somehow get the answer for your query.

No one is going to judge you based on your questions. Feel free to ask your queries.

WealthMojo Forum Guidelines

1. Before Creating New Topic:

Make sure that you take a look around the forum before just starting a new topic - there’s a good chance that somebody else has already asked the same question.

Please search before opening a new topic, as someone might have already created the topic you want to open and this will save you time until it gets answered… Note that we do search on your behalf simultaneously as you compose a new topic, too.

Make sure to be very descriptive in your topic, and give it an accurate title. If you just post “I am Losing Money”, we can’t and won’t help.

2. Self Promotion:

We are okay with self promotion as far as you are adding value to this community. If your sole aim of this forum is self promotion or promote your articles, links, and stuff then I’m sorry, this won’t be the place for that. We want this forum to be clean.

Sharing of ‘Affiliate’ or ‘Referral’ links is totally prohibited here. If someone requests your affiliate link for a product/service, you can directly message them, but don’t share it publicly in the forum.

Note: Don’t use any short URLs (like bit.ly, goo.gl, etc) in your posts, use the original full URL if you want to share any valuable reference/resource here. :slight_smile:

3. Credits/Source:

If you are going to share someone’s code or answer in this forum, I would suggest you to properly quote them by giving the credit/source. This is a community, so we want to help everyone, in every possible way.

Things Not To Do

Please do not use signatures on your posts and start spamming. Each post should be about the conversation.

Do not post affiliate links or short links in posts. Nobody else will appreciate them, and you will be flagged by other users.

Please do not spam us with your web site link(Unless it is Self Promotion for Community Contribution). Nobody appreciates people who sign up and then spam their software immediately without contributing. There are some exceptions, but you should first email us to ask if you can.

Please do not act like a troll or sarcastic. People posting nonsense, sarcasm, demonstrably false statements, propaganda, or inflaming other people repeatedly for no reason will be warned and then banned. This is meant to be a civil discussion area.

So go forth, and conversate. Just remember to be nice and good to each other.


This is an amazing group. Thanks @WealthMojo for creating such an awesome platform.