What are the Best Technical Analysis Course available in the Indian Stock Market?


I am looking to learn technical analysis which I can learn and implement in the stock market to earn from trading and investing.


Hi Nishanth,

There are several courses available but one Technical Analysis Course which is probably the most rated and reviewed in India is conducted by TradersCockpit.
You can visit http://www.traderscockpit.com/?pageView=technical-analysis-training to know more,
Here are the reviews given by the trainees who have attended their course earlier

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Hi @StockExpert

This sounds interesting will definitely check this out. Did you happen to attend their workshop.


If Charts and Technical patterns interest you, it seems that you are drawn towards Technical Analysis. So if you are new to this field, here are few guidelines you can follow to build your base in Technical analysis.

1. Read Good Books

Start with good books on Technical Analysis like-

a. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (By Edwin Lefevre)

b. Trading for a living (By Alexander Elder)

c. Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets (By John J Murphy)

d. Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques (By Steve Nison)

e. Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns (By Thomas Bulkowski)

2. Learn Technical Analysis

If you are willing to learn technical analysis from very basic, you can take up a Technical Analysis Course certified by NSE Academy.

Moreover, you can also go through the study material or videos in google to develop an understanding of technical analysis.

3. Read articles and blogs

You can regularly go through good blogs or articles or videos like-

a. StockCharts

b. Tradeacademy

c. Elearnmarkets.com

d. Trading with Rayner

4. Virtual trading is important

Paper trading is a good way to track your performance and understanding on the subject. Moreover, you can use NSE Paathshala for virtual trading. This process is very important before entering into the actual trade in the market.


Hi @Raj

I have gone through the course Technical Analysis course details. Firstly I would like to thank you for giving in-depth details about technical analysis. I would like to understand how is it an NSE Certification.

Since they are already giving NCFM already has Technical Analysis Module. Or is it that the course prepares you so that you can appear from the NCFM module. Also if we have some prior knowledge of Technical analysis can we appear directly for NCFM course.

I am studying and many of my friends would also be interested in taking up this course of yours.


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