What are the some of the biggest mistake that stock market investors make?


Mistakes that people make in the stock market while investing?


Some of the known and common facts that investors make

  • No Proper Ground Work

  • Not being ready for Worst

  • Lack Of Diversification

  • No Long Term Goal only looking for Short Term Gain

  • Lack of Hard Work

  • Trying to Time the Market

  • Investing in Penny Stocks

  • Going by Emotion Rather than Data

  • Not Managing Greed & Fear

  • Always Looking for Tips

  • Buying Stock at Low Prices all the time

  • Investing by taking Loan

  • Propensity Effect - Selling the Winner and Holding the Loser

  • Waiting for the Bottom all the time.

  • Unrealistic Expectations

  • Never Cutting Losses

  • Ignoring Macro Economics

  • Buying a Falling Knife

  • No Planning

  • Lack of Understanding on Stop-loss

  • Starting with Intra Day Trading first rather than Investing