Which is a Better course to do FRM or CFA?


I am interested to know what should one pursue after Bachelors in Commerce which one is better course CFA or FRM?


Firstly understand that one is a Specialization course and another is a Complete Finance course.

Since the course is different so is the Job Profile. Look at the below chart to understand how the job profile and nature of job is different.


Now coming to the time taken one can easily overlap the course and complete both the courses. At a certain level the subject largely overlap and effort required to clear the later would be much different.

One needs to cross verify the current situation and then confirm the subject and the course material changes very often.

The key difference are explained in detail below on the basis of fees, pass rate, exam months, course structure, average salary etc.

Now that you have considered of doing multiple courses with CFA there are other very interesting and popular options also which can also be considered.

Hope this solves all the queries.